Emotion-based Spectral Feature Analysis

Anders Friberg and Lars Graugaard with Kristoffer Jensen.
The group works on identifying a minimal set of spectral features that permit correlating to semantic emotion categories. We will develop a set of software tools, and we will make parallel artistic usage sessions. A paper will be forthcoming.

Emotion-based Sound and Music Synthesis

Anders Friberg and Lars Graugaard
The aim is to navigate between a set of nine emotion categories in 2D space. The trajectories between the nine emotions will yield real yet unidentified emotions. A software tool for generating melodies under these principle will be made available, as well as code for including the functionalities in customized code.

Sensor Device

For our experiments in verifying emotions correlated to spectral features we started developing a bio-signal capturing device. Given the cross-modal nature of human emotions, the device was later expanded to capture movement, presure and BVP and GSR signals. The device is presently being developed to function as a wireless multipurpose controlling device, for use in performance and installations etc.

Device Technology
Dan Overholt, Bruno Herbelin and Alexander Refsum Jensenius with Hans-Ole Hansen.
The device has been developed in three stages. The final version of the sensor device will be available on a per-order basis in an ergonomic casing and as a board mount for custom fitting.

Industrial Design
Pi Ammentorp, Marcus Wrangö and Aki Asgeirsson.
Development of the ergonomic casing suitable for performance and installation interfacing.

Software Interface
Aki Asgeirsson and Marcus Wrangö with Lars Graugaard.
The software interface for the device will be built in max/msp and will consist of the basic data acquisition as well as analysis steps for high-level perceptually relevant features.