Systematic Understanding of Music

Today, digitally informed music has reached a point where it has become feasible to detect emotion content in the musical audio stream (sound). When this is applied in real-time to aspects of its response, a new context for the creation, performance and listening to music has been established where man and machine can interact in much more meaningful ways than previously. This will provide for new and more engaged expressions, giving new horizons for musical artwork.

The purpose of the SUM project is to develop such tools by building on existing work by Nordic researchers in digital signal processing, music cognition, emotion expression, and interaction software development. The work is organized in several workgroups.

The project will also address related areas such as emotion detection and sensor device development. The project will develop software algorithms and plug-ins for generating melody, phrasing and material variation.

Spectral Features, Gesture and Emotion

Lars Graugaard, PhD, project director, Postdoc, Danish Center for Design Research
Kristoffer Jensen, PhD, Associate Professor, Aalborg University Esbjerg
Anders Friberg, PhD, Associate Professor, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Alexander Refsum Jensenius, PhD, Postdoc, University of Oslo

Sensor Design and Development

Bruno Herbelin, PhD, Postdoc, VRL, School of Computer and Communication Sciences, Lausanne
Dan Overholt, PhD, Aalborg University
Hans-Ole Hansen, MicroMir
Marcus Wrangö
Aki Asgeirsson
Pi Ammentorp

Artistic Collaborators

Curious Chamber Players

Project Duration


Funded by

Nordic Culture Point


Lars Graugaard
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