About PB43

PB43 is located at a 6400m2 large site on Prags Boulevard 43 on the island of Amager just south of Copenhagen city centre. The ground area and the four buildings that used to host production facilities have been made available free of charge by the landowner Azko Nobel.

Since the autumn 2010 the buildings have been used by creative entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and other resourceful people, creating an exciting and innovative working atmosphere. Today, 26 associations, companies, organizations, groups and individuals use the premises and outdoor areas.


In the summer of 2012 PB43 and KPH – Copenhagen Project House – established a partnership to improve the current situation for innovative social and cultural project makers in Copenhagen. By working together both organizations look to combine each other’s existing networks of creative people, previous experiences in alternative project management, and other resources, in order to provide a stronger foundation for new social and cultural projects to develop.

In June 2012, a delegation from PB43 visited Gängeviertel, Hamburg to establish a collaboration between the two organizations. This will include knowledge exchange, facilitation of visits, a planned artist in residency program, innovation projects and more. The collaboration will be carried out in order to mutually benefit from each-other’s work, and bring the alternative cultural scenes of Hamburg and Copenhagen closer together.

The tenants and users of PB43 is organized in Working Community PB43 AMBA (Cooperative Society with Limited Liability). Its purpose is to develop a user-driven cultural center that contributes to innovation and local and international urban development through user intervention.