This is an overview of artworks to be included in re-new 2013, chosen from a total of 358 proposals. Evaluation was done by re-new 2013′s reviewer group and final selection was made by Senior Curator Edward A. Shanken in collaboration with Conference Chair Gunalan Nadarajan and Steering Committee Chair Lars Graugaard.

Michael Joaquin Grey: Umwelt Belt
Tamas Waliczky: Wheels
Shawn Lawson: Halfway to Infinity
Jing Zhou: Living Mandala: The Cosmic of Being
Tim van Cromvoirt: Lungplant
Kamil Nawratil: Perception Of Consequence
Alexander Berman and Filip Strebeyko: Torrential Forms
Paul Thomas and Kevin Raxworthy: Multiverse
Michelle Lewis-King: Touching as Listening: Pulse Project
Brad Miller, Tega Brain and Adam Hinshaw: le_temps: Explorations in phenology
John Slepian: Art Is Not an Object (Sculpture)
Matt Kenyon: Notepad
Matt Kenyon: Supermajor
Matt Kenyon: Cloud
Matt Kenyon: Puddle
Hyun Jean Lee and  Jeong Han Kim: Encountering in-between Qualia Landscape; A.M. & BiKE Lab. : EMC (Emergent Mind of City) 2
Valerie Lamontagne: Second Skin
xname: The Brutalist Kiss
Zackery Denfeld and Cathrine Kramer: De-Extinction Deli
Albert Kim, Francesca Castelli and Yining Huang: Mind Mirror
Bill Seaman and Todd Berreth: An Engine of Many Senses
Guy Ben-Ary, Kirsten Hudson, Mark Lawson and Stuart Hodgetts: In Potentia
Jacob Sikker Remin: Drone Painting
Peter Ride: 365 Longest Days of the Year
Mark-David Hosale: Homunculus Alpha