re-new 2013 program

The 7th international celebration of interactive media art will take place at PB43 and other venues in Copenhagen, Denmark. Scientists, researchers, technologists, curators and media artists working in digital media in its many forms will meet, present and discuss their work during the event, which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark on

October 28 – November 3, 2013

re-new 2013 mixes and mingles artistic and academic works and practices in novel settings, to emphasize The Big Picture as a real but open-ended fusion of media art, media technology and science. The customary delimitation of expert areas is necessary for gathering specific knowledge or executing a particular work. But the multi-disciplinary nature of media art, -analysis and -usage requires a wider contextualizing and a bigger overview: this is where we need to visit The Big Picture.

Peter Tilg's Succubus; from re-new 2011

re-new has since 2007 successfully hosted international conferences such as ICMC, ICAD, CMMR and IMAC in parallel with its annual re-new digital arts festival. But from 2013 re-new will organize its own academic conference in conjunction with the festival. This permits a better integration of art and academia, where the established presentation formats – paper, poster, demo and workshop, as well as exhibits and performances – are combined with novel presentation formats, to ensure better exposure and increased networking and knowledge sharing.

Marcelina Wellmer's Error 404 502 410; from re-new 2012

re-new 2013  emphasizes inclusive structures that combine the natural eco-systems of developers, researchers and artists. The goal is to better allow for the meeting and sharing across disciplines and habits, so the focus may be on the exchange between practitioners, thinkers and users: between artists, technologists, researchers, curators and audience.

New documentation strategies are employed. Apart from regular publications (the re-new proceedings series and LEA publication) re-new will from this year on undertake a comprehensive, accumulating online video archive that will document keynote presentations and panel discussions, as well as the work of each participating artist.

An external panel will select the best scholarly and artistic works to be peer-reviewed for publishing in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac series (LEA) and at Intellect Ltd.