City & Venue


Being the 9th most popular congress city in the world, Copenhagen has many years of experience in hosting and transporting large numbers of people in and out of its airport. Its history of openness and willingness to share knowledge and resources with others has proved to facilitate the work of arranging congresses. Copenhagen is a great ‘walkable’ city and a number of the major sights can be visited by foot. Most of the hotels are within a short walk of some of the city’s most famous attractions; the incomparable Tivoli Gardens and the Royal Theatre, as well as the famous international shopping streets adjacent to the Royal Palace. The official language is Danish. However, most visitors will find communication easy as the Danish population’s language proficiency is amongst the highest in Europe.

The AAU-cph Venue

The conference, installation and performances take place at Aalborg University Copenhagen’s new campus on A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, in the brand new harbor area.


Copenhagen Airport is situated on the island of Amager, eight kilometres South-east of Copenhagen, and is the preferred low cost carrier airport in Scandinavia. Low cost traffic made up approximately 19% of scheduled services in first half of 2010 as compared with 15% in 2008. Today Copenhagen Airport has a total of 40 low cost routes with a total of nearly 300 weekly departures. The new rail link has cut transit time to just 12 minutes to the Copenhagen city centre, and trains to the city centre are running every 20 minutes.


Copenhagen’s climate can be attributed to its northerly position combined with proximity to the sea and its low, flat landscape. The moderating effects of the sea are able to reach far inland, unhindered by hills. Mild temperatures and an overcast sky are observed throughout the four seasons. Due to its extreme northerly latitude, Copenhagen experiences large differences in daylight hours, and the average temperature is 8°C in November but the night time temperatures may get down to freezing.

Staying in Copenhagen

Currently, the Danish capital offers a choice of more than 17,000 hotel rooms spanning from top-class, five-star hotels, to the budget-price, contemporary designed rooms of Europe’s largest city hostel. In recent years Copenhagen has seen an increase in its hotel capacity, and a large number of existing hotels have undergone renovations and refurbishments. As a result, the city offers a wide selection of contemporary hotel accommodation. Most of the 17.000 hotel rooms are located in the city centre. They are within a short walk of some of the city’s most famous attractions – the incomparable Tivoli Gardens and the Royal Theatre, as well as the famous international shopping streets adjacent to the Royal Palace.

re-new 2012 is supported by Aalborg University Copenhagen and The City of Copenhagen.