IMAC 2012

The Interactive Media Arts Conference (IMAC) is an annual interdisciplinary and international conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark. It provides the ideal framework for artists, curators, researchers, engineers and students to meet, present and discuss their findings in new media art. IMAC 2012 is held in parallel with the re-new 2012 digital arts festival, on

November 19-22 2012

and for this year, IMAC 2012 wishes to take a fresh look at Cybernetics.

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Cybernetics revisited – towards a third order?

“Is the world ultimately unknowable – a place where genuine novelty is always emerging? Is it possible to look at the history of cybernetics as something that provides us with ‘an imaginative model of open-ended experimentation in stark opposition to the modern urge to achieve domination over nature and each other’ (Pickering, 2011)?

Re-new and IMAC 2012 take Andrew Pickering’s arguments further into the interactive media art field and raise the questions about Cybernetic for further artistic and scientific consideration, discussion, and experimentation. ” – Morten Søndergaard


  • (Norbert) Wiener Classic
  • Cybernetics and (urban) politics
  • Bio-cybernetics
  • Interactive media art – towards a ‘third order’?

For general information go to organizers, Copenhagen and hotels and hostels nearby the venue.