IMAC / re-new 2012 submission closed

Paper and artwork proposals for IMAC / re-new 2012 has now closed, and paper acceptance notification has taken place.

An overview of the selected artworks is online.

The combined interactive media conference and arts festival takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 19-24 2012, and is a critical and inclusive project that addresses the use of interactive media in art and everyday use.

The overall theme for re-new / IMAC 2012 is Cybernetics – towards a third order? and will frame cybernetics in the un-controlled/-controllable organizations that penetrate and immerse contemporary mankind and society.

Keynote talks are made by Yvonne SpielmannRoy Ascott, Andrew Pickering and Lanfranco Aceti.

Selected papers from IMAC 2012 will be printed in a Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) Special Edition.

re-new / IMAC 2012 is organized by re-new forum of digital art and Aalborg University.