Cybernetics revisited – towards a third order?

re-new / IMAC 2012 has now opened the call for papers and artistic works. Submission deadline is March 1st,

New proposal submission deadline March 17


The re-new / IMAC 2012 takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 19-24 2012. 

The combined media art and conference event is a critical and inclusive project that addresses the use of interactive media in art and everyday use. It combines a reflective attitude with an active approach and it is transversal in that it goes across institution profiles, production formats and consumption segments. The scope includes conferences, workshops, featured keynotes, video programs, installations and performative works. re-new / IMAC is always looking for persons and projects that help steer and scrutinize the vast and ever-expanding realm of contemporary culture.

The overall theme for re-new / IMAC 2012 will frame cybernetics in the un-controlled/-controllable organizations that penetrate and immerse contemporary mankind and society. Interaction, autonomy, innateness, emergence, meta materials, self-construction and -organization are among the factors that contribute to the field.

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The proceedings for renew / IMAC 2011 will be published electronically (pdf-format for download) by re-new press in March. Selected papers will be published by Aalborg University Press at a later date.